Michael's Music

If you were to ask him, Michael might have a difficult time defining his music by a particular style. An interesting mix of classically styled hymns, inspirational songs, pop band music, and even a little jazz comes together to produce a refreshingly diverse and creative style.

But more important to Michael than musical style is the purpose behind the music. He consciously and prayerfully strives to compose music and lyrics that will do more than entertain his listeners: his goal is to edify the church and encourage Christians to worship God more effectively in every area of life. Michael firmly believes that worship's sole purpose is always to give God the glory due His name, and he attempts to achieve this purpose in all of his work.

In this spirit, Michael works to make his music of the highest quality both in musical form and textual depth. He challenges the hearers to think about spiritual issues more seriously and adjust their lives to conform to the light of Scripture. His own experience with the Holy Spirit's life-altering conviction has spurred him to take God's truth to His church.

No matter the style of music he sings, or even the style of music the listener may be expecting, you can be sure that Michael's music will both uplift and challenge his audience.